Webinar Details

Why do human services agencies not have public support to deliver quality, efficient, evidence-based services? Join us to learn how we – the human services sector – are telling the wrong “story,” and find out how you can join a movement to change public perceptions about what matters most.

Bridget McCabe and Irv Katz will review results from a new study of how we collectively frame the human services, and discuss strategies for reframing it in a way the public can understand and support. The National Human Services Assembly, the American Public Human Services Association, and a broader network of human services providers have joined together in this effort.

The concept of framing uses an interdisciplinary research method to understand how the values and metaphors used in different public policy arenas connect – and fail to connect – with common underlying cultural frames that shape how individuals give meaning to social issues.  Using research conducted by the Frameworks Institute, this webinar will review the current “story” that the human services sector tells about its goals and values and identify the gaps where it fails to resonate with the public’s underlying frames. The speakers will address how the human services sector can apply this research in ways that build public will to improve outcomes for children, families, and the communities we serve.


  • Bridget McCabe, Project Manager, National Human Services Assembly
  • Irv Katz, President and CEO, National Human Services Assembly
  • Tracy Wareing, Executive Director, American Public Human Services Association (APHSA)


Ingvild Bjornvold, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Social Solutions