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Join CEO Bridget Laird and evaluator Laura Brock to hear how WINGS for Kids is building implementation capacity and scaling its programming. Effective interventions are rarely replicated well enough to produce consistent outcomes over time and across locations, but WINGs is working relentlessly to make it happen. The speakers will explain how the organization is applying “active implementation frameworks,” discussed by Dean Fixsen in PerformWell’s October 14 webinar, and they will address the following questions:

How has Wings for Kids codified its research-based curriculum, providing a framework detailed enough to allow for replication with fidelity?
How does the organization ensure effective implementation through daily data collection and systematic use of the data, and how is it building the needed implementation capacity across all its new sites?
What does the relationship between performance management, implementation, and outcome evaluation look like?

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, WINGS is the only U.S. organization focused solely on providing social and emotional education – or “heart smarts” – within after school programs. WINGS was featured in the books Scaling Your Social Venture, Leap of Reason and Working Hard and Working Well, and has received funding to grow from the Department of Education and the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, among others.

WINGS’ well-planned and deliberate growth from one site in 2008 to ten in 2014 and a planned 13 sites in 2016 provides an excellent backdrop for moving from a high-level conversation about replication to discussing the specifics of what it looks like on the ground. The webinar will be of particular interest as a follow-on event to the October 14 webinar with Dean Fixsen, but it can also be viewed independently.


  • Bridget Laird, CEO, WINGS for Kids
  • Laura Brock, Evaluator and Assistant Professor in Teacher Education, College of Charleston


Ingvild Bjornvold, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Social Solutions


Bridget Laird has worked on the WINGS staff since 1998, training alongside WINGS’ spirited founder, Ginny Deerin. Throughout her years with WINGS she has gained experience with all aspects of the organization, specifically: developing program curriculum; hiring of staff; overseeing the opening of each WINGS program; and spearheading important grant applications and research projects. Bridget took over as WINGS’ CEO in January 2011. Bridget has an undergraduate degree in parks and recreation from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree in education, with a concentration in school-age development from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. She is member of the Charleston Volunteer for Literacy Board as well as the Sports Challenge Advisory Board, serves as an adjunct professor at Trident Technical College, and is a Leap of Reason ambassador. Bridget is married and has a daughter and son.

Laura Brock is an Assistant Professor in the Teacher Education Department at the College of Charleston. She entered the profession as a special educator working with adjudicated adolescents in a residential treatment facility. After relocating to Charleston, she became interim Head of Special Education at Burke High School downtown. Dr. Brock became interested in the relation between cognitive and emotion regulation and returned to graduate school to gain a deeper appreciation for the ways in which early intervention can ameliorate developmental trajectories. As a Research Fellow for the Institute of Education Sciences, she was trained to conduct longitudinal examinations of the ways in which we can intervene with at-risk youth to close the achievement gap and buffer children from the long-term consequences of exposure to adverse early environments. Her current research agenda includes two interventions aimed at reducing risk and promoting resilience in local school contexts.