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Scaling an Effective Intervention: How to Build Implementation Capacity, Replicate with Fidelity, and Produce Consistent Outcomes
October 14, 3:00 - 4:30 EST
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When Dean Fixsen and his colleagues at the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) present, they tell their audiences something shocking: Despite billions of public dollars invested to figure out what works to solve social problems, programs have – on a national scale – produced poor outcomes.

How can that be? The simple answer is that evidence-based programs and practices are often researched under ideal conditions. When practitioners attempt to replicate them in real life, they are not able to implement the interventions with fidelity to the original model. Hence, they do not get the same outcomes. Our collective focus on innovation has come at the expense of paying attention to what it takes to replicate effective programs and practices under real-world conditions.

Join us in a conversation with Dr. Fixsen to hear what it takes to improve social outcomes on a large scale by making effective use of existing interventions:

  • What must be in place in order for an evidence-based program or practice to be replicable?
  • What does effective implementation look like? How can we build the necessary implementation capacity to replicate with fidelity?
  • What conditions are required to enable successful implementation? How can we put in place those conditions?

Attendees will learn about active implementation frameworks, and hear how they have been put to successful use in various contexts. Dr. Fixsen will answer questions from the audience.

This webinar is appropriate for those in the public and nonprofit sectors who want to understand how to produce positive outcomes for a larger population by scaling up existing interventions.


Dean Fixsen, Founder of National Implementation Research Network (NIRN); Co-Director of State Implementation and Scaling up of Evidence-based Practices Center (SISEP)


Ingvild Bjornvold, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Social Solutions

Speaker Bio:

Dean L. Fixsen, PhD, began his career in human services in 1963 as a Psychiatric Aide in a large state hospital for children with profound developmental delays. Dean received his doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Kansas in 1970. Dean has spent his career developing and implementing evidence-based programs, initiating and managing change processes in provider organizations and service delivery systems, and working with others to improve the lives of children, families, and adults. Dean is co-author of the highly regarded monograph, Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature. He has served on numerous editorial boards and has advised federal, state, and local governments. Dean is a Senior Scientist at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Founder (with Karen Blase) of the National Implementation Research Network; Co-Director (with Barbara Sims, Karen Blase, Rob Horner, and George Sugai) of the State Implementation and Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP) Center; and Co-Chair (with Jen Schroeder, Bianca Albers, and Allison Metz) of the Global Implementation Conference. (GIC 2015 will be held in Dublin, Ireland)