Managing Performance in Youth Civic Engagement Programs



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Date and Time:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 3:00-4:00pm EST



  • Teresa Derrick-Mills, Ph.D., Research Associate, Urban Institute
  • Zenub Kakli, Ed.D., Chief Program Officer, United Teen Equality Center


Learn how newly released PerformWell content can help civic engagement programs for youth manage program performance and measure outcomes. Teresa Derrick-Mills, who led the development of this new PerformWell content, will address questions like: What are meaningful outcomes for youth civic engagement programs? What are good tools to measure them? Which aspects of service delivery should be managed to make sure the program is on track to producing desired outcomes?  Dr. Derrick-Mills is joined by Zenub Kakli, who will speak to how the United Teen Equality Center manages performance in practice. Dr. Derrick-Mills and Dr. Kakli will answer questions from the audience.