Using What You Measure: An Introduction to Performance Management



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Date and Time:
Tuesday, August 14, 3:00-4:00pm EST



  • Isaac Castillo, Senior Research Scientist, Child Trends
  • Anisha Chablani, Chief Knowledge Officer, Roca


Improving outcomes for the participants your organization serves requires the ability to measure the services delivered, as well as the changes in participants’ lives.  However, just collecting data and measuring change itself is not enough; successful organizations need to use data and information to manage performance and continuously improve.   Today, many program managers find themselves in a place where they collect lots of data but are unable to use it to make meaningful program improvements. Join Isaac Castillo for an engaging overview of the performance management continuum, the steps to successful use of data for program improvement, and how PerformWell can be helpful in numerous ways in this process.  This presentation includes examples and case studies and will address questions from the audience.


This webinar is the first in a PerformWell series on performance management methods and techniques, hosted by members of the PerformWell partner organizations. A parallel webinar series introduces new PerformWell program content, such as sex education and civic engagement, as it is launched. Please sign up for the PerformWell newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming webinars.


PerformWell is a partnership between:


The Urban Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research and educational organization that examines the social, economic, and governance challenges facing the nation. It provides information, analyses, and perspectives to public and private decision makers to help them address these problems and strives to deepen citizens' understanding of the issues and trade-offs that policy makers face. Since the 1970's, the Urban Institute has been a pioneer in developing outcome and performance measures for the nonprofit and public sectors.


Child Trends is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center that studies children at all stages of development. Our mission is to improve outcomes for children by providing research, data, and analysis to the people and institutions whose decisions and actions affect children.


Social Solutions is the leading provider of performance management software for human services organizations. Founded in 2000 by human services professionals, Social Solutions' ETO (Efforts to Outcomes) software gives organizations a clear picture of which of their efforts are working and which are not. With this information human service professionals can make appropriate adjustments to their approach and continuously improve their performance.