Workforce Development

Workforce Development programs offer services that help participants prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. Most programs include components to help participants develop the skills they need to do a successful job search and some programs also offer access to specific occupational skills training. The most effective workforce development programs also have strong relationships with employers, do a good job of matching participant skills and interests with employer needs, and link participants to resources that can help them address personal obstacles to long-term employment.

This section is currently designed for workforce development programs that focus on serving adults or young adults who are out of school and unemployed or under-employed.  It describes outcomes related to employment and employment-related skills gains, but does not address education or academic outcomes.

Questions your program should answer:

  1. Are You Enrolling the People Who Can Best Benefit from Your Program?
  2. Are You Engaging With Quality Employers Deeply Enough to Understand Their Needs and Develop Strong Relationships?
  3. Do Program Activities and Environment Help Participants Experience the Culture and Expectations of the Workplace?
  4. Is the Program Engaging Participants Enough for Them to Experience Supportive Relationships?
  5. Are Participants Receiving Services That Address Obstacles to Employment?
  6. Are Participants Making Progress Toward Outcomes?
By Public/Private Ventures