Is Your Financial Capability Program Delivered by Competent and Qualified Facilitators?

Qualified and properly trained instructors play a critical role in the success of your financial capability program.  For your program to run effectively, you need qualified and well-trained staff that possess the knowledge, credibility, and confidence to teach financial literacy.

Qualified Program Staff
Having clearly defined qualifications and core competencies for financial capability educators is highly recommended.  Such qualifications include minimum education level, work experience, and special skills and characteristics.  Below are important factors to consider when establishing qualifications and core competencies for financial capability educators in your program.

    • Program staff ought to possess characteristics such as flexibility, patience, effective communication skills, and a real understanding of the difficulties of managing finances. 
    • Financial capability educators should be individuals that are proficient in the topic of personal finance and understand how to get participants to take positive action. 
    • Depending on the nature of your program, you should determine whether certifications are required to deliver the contents of your program and ensure that all financial capability educators possess requisite and current documentation. 
    • If your program incorporates classes it is important that financial capability educators possess solid group facilitation skills to create a positive and nurturing environment. 
    • Programs might consider the benefits of hiring qualified financial capability educators that reflect the community, cultural and language backgrounds of the clients being served.

All financial capability educators should receive training before providing services to clients.  Training helps to ensure that educators:

    • Properly deliver program curriculum
    • Adhere to program policies and practices
    • Are made aware of their performance expectations
    • Are knowledgeable of the organization’s mission, goals and operations

Supervision and Support
To further support financial capability educators, your leadership should provide opportunities for feedback about achievements relative to desired program outcomes, case discussions, or other important issues and concerns. These feedback sessions can occur during regular staff meetings, peer support groups or one-on-one discussions. 

In addition, your program should regularly assess the performance of financial capability educators and provide timely feedback. Performance assessments can occur via observation or by soliciting client feedback.