Feelings and Perceptions About Self

Feelings and perceptions about the self include self esteem/self worth and self efficacy. Self esteem has been associated with symptoms of depression and risky sexual behavior (Salazar et al., 2005; Schmitz, Kugler, & Rollnik, 2003), and there is mixed evidence to suggest ties to sexual debut (Longmore et al., 2004), substance use (Wheeler, 2010), problem behaviors (McKnight, Huebner, and Suldo, 2002), and delinquency (Aspy, et al., 2004; Dekovic, 1999; Kort-Butler, 2010). Self efficacy has been found to relate to several positive outcomes such as academic success and abstaining from drugs and alcohol (Bandura, Pastorelli, Barbaranelli, & Caprara, 1999; Change et al., 2006).

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