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Program Self-Assessment: Our “Culture of Work” Environment

Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
This tool was adapted by Public/Private Ventures from: Houghton, T. and Proscio, T. (2001) Hard Work on Soft Skills : Creating a “Culture of Work” in Workforce Development. Public/Private Ventures: Philadelphia, PA.
Scoring / Benchmarking
Each individual rating has an associated score with it. The scores are listed below:
• Very Weak = 1
• Weak = 2
• Strong = 3
• Very Strong = 4

Practitioners should total how many points they have in each category and multiply this number by each category’s subsequent value. To calculate the overall score, practitioners should add the scores from each individual category together. The benchmarks for the resulting scores can be seen below:

Scoring Rubric:
61-72: Very Strong
47-60: Strong
32-46: Weak
31 and below: Very Weak
Background / Quality
Is there a cost associated with this tool?

This inventory will help staff determine if they are creating a program environment that reflects the expectations and norms of a real workplace.

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