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Participant Work Readiness Evaluation

Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
This tool has been adapted from the Work Readiness Tool for the Workforce Investment Act Youth Program of the US Department of Labor. It has been adapted to more closely reflect a training, rather than employment, situation and has been adapted to eliminate references only to youth. The original tool can be found at:
Scoring / Benchmarking
Participant competencies are rated on a 1 to 4 scale in several competencies. The ratings are as follows:

• exemplary (4)
• proficient (3)
• inconsistent (2)
• performance improvement plan needed (1)

Participants are judged in several competencies:

• Attendance
• Punctuality
• Workplace appearance
• Taking initiative
• Quality of work
• Communication skills
• Response to supervision
• Teamwork
• Problem-solving / critical-thinking
• Workplace culture policy and safety
• Specific technical and industry skills

In order to meet the work readiness skill attainment, participants must have an average overall score of proficient (3.0) or must be rated as proficient in at least 80% of the competencies listed above.
Background / Quality
Is there a cost associated with this tool?

This assessment allows staff to evaluate participants’ work behaviors and skills in a range of areas. Ratings in each skill area are totaled into an overall score that, with the help of a guide, staff can determine if employees are truly ready for the world of work.

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