Employer Engagement Tracker

The employer engagement model demonstrates pathways through which organizations can build and strengthen their relationships with employers through various levels of engagement. The tracking system allows organizations to track how well they are implementing this model by tracking the intensity and frequency of employer engagement.


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Creator(s) of Tool
This assessment tool was adapted by Public/Private Ventures from a tool designed and used by Jewish Vocational Service in San Francisco (www.jvs.org).
Scoring / Benchmarking
The tool describes five levels of engagement that organizations can have with businesses:

• Level 1: Early stage relationship. Contact is limited to meeting via job fair, online listing or cold calling.
• Level 2: Some relationship is established. Employer may have participated in one or two events and hired once or twice.
• Level 3: Greater and more regular employer involvement in programs via presentations, greater hiring and job postings, etc.
• Level 4: Employers have immediate responsiveness to program contact. They provide feedback on program development, hiring practices, and other essential elements of the program.
• Level 5: Employers are constant and reliable supports of organization. They consistently hire and provide financial and program support.

Practitioners will enter the dates of engagement under the column corresponding with the appropriate level of engagement. Each level of engagement has a corresponding value:
• Level 1 = 1
• Level 2 = 2
• Level 3 = 3
• Level 4 = 4
• Level 5 = 5

To tabulate scores, practitioners can sum the number of entries in each column and multiply this number by the level of engagement value. Then practitioners can sum across values to receive their total score. Divide by the number of entries for an average score.

To gauge how well they are engaging with employers, organizations should have:
• At least 10% of their employers at a Level 5 engagement.
• At 50% employers between Level 2 and Level 4 engagement.
• And no more than 40% of employers at a Level 1 engagement.
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