Teacher Report of Parents’ Involvement

This scale has been adapted from the scale developed for the study on teacher's involvement of parents conducted by Hoover-Dempsey, Walker, Jones and Reed (2002). The scale developed for the study has 15 items and it assesses teacher reports of parents’ involvement (perceptions of the percentage of parents in the class who are involved in specific activities).  This scale has been adapted to assess parent involvement at the individual level.

The target population is not specified, but the assessment appears targeted for teachers of pre-K, Kindergarten and elementary school aged children.


Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
Hoover-Dempsey, K.V., Walker, J.M.T., Jones, K.P., & Reed, R.P. (2002). Teachers Involving Parents (TIP): An in-service teacher education program for enhancing parental involvement. Teaching and Teacher Education, 18(7), 843-467.

Scoring / Benchmarking
The measure employs a six-point, Likert-type scale: 1=none, 2=10-25%, 3=30-45%, 4=55-70%, 5= 75-90%, 6=all. Total possible score for the scale ranges from 14 to 84; higher scores reflected higher teacher reports of parents’ involvement.
Background / Quality
Alpha reliability for the scale as reported in Hoover-Dempsey et al. (2002) was .89 (pre-test) and .92 (post-test).
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