Misconduct Scale: Elementary and Middle School Student Report

The Misconduct Scale is an adaptation of the Self-Reported Behavior Index (Brown, Clasen & Eicher, 1986) created by Posner & Vandell for the year study of low-income urban children.  The scale includes seven items from the Self-Reported Behavior Index. Four of these items are identical to Brown et al, and three are reworded.  The remaining four items on the Misconduct Scale were created by Posner & Vandell.  The response scale (original 1=never, 5=almost every day) and the reference period (original: every month) were modified for the Study of Promising After-School Programs.  Additionally, four positively worded filler items were added to avoid asking about negative behaviors only.

Fall administration and Spring administration.


Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
Brown, Clasen, and Eicher's (1986) Perceptions of peer pressure, peer conformity, dispositions, and self-reported behavior among adolescents. Developmental Psychology, 22, 521-530
Scoring / Benchmarking
Response Scale:

1=Once or Twice
2=About once a week
3=2-3 Times a week
4=4 or more times a week

Mean item score
Background / Quality
Validity - Brown et al. 1986. reported close correspondence between scores on the Self-Reported Behavior Index and reports of misconduct obtained in national surveys
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