Psychological Sense of School Membership

Please note that this tool is proprietary and may only be obtained by contacting the creators of the tool below. PerformWell cannot make this tool available in ETO.

The Psychological Sense of School Membership scale is designed to measure youths' perceptions of belonging and psychological engagement in school.  The scale can be downloaded from:  Wiley Online Library


Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
Goodenow, C. (1993). The psychological sense of school membership among adolescents: Scale development and educational correlates. Psychology in the Schools, 30, 79-91.
Scoring / Benchmarking
Scoring Procedures: Responses are in a 5-point Likert scale format, ranging from 1= Not at all true to 5 = Completely true. Reverse scoring is necessary. Items 3, 6, 9,12, and 16 are reverse coded. The scores are then summed into a total score.
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