Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS-2)

Please note that this tool is proprietary and may only be obtained by contacting the creators of the tool below. PerformWell cannot make this tool available in ETO.

The CTS-2 is a tool used to examine whether psychological and/or physical abuse or interactions occur among partners who are in a relationship. The tool is also used to examine what techniques partners use when dealing with conflicts in their relationship.

The tool has questions for each partner to answer covering the following dimensions: negotiation, pyschological aggression, physical assault, sexual coercion, and injury.

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Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
Srauss, M. A., Hamby S. L., Bonney-McCoy S., & Sugarman, D. B. (1996). The revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2). Journal of Family Issues, 17(3), 283-316.
Scoring / Benchmarking
The tool includes 78 items -- 39 are for one partner and 39 are for the other partner.

Response options fall into 8 categories, encompassing “never” to “20 or more times.”

The handbook provides some advice on scoring, but there is no single way to score the assessment. Scoring depends on what the practitioner wants to glean from the collected data. One suggestion is to identify the midpoint of the response categories chosen by the participant. Those midpoints can then be used to develop an average score per question based on the answers provided by the couples. Another option is to use the scale to flag particularly problemmatic areas, and/or areas where the couple's answers contradict. These may become the focus areas for counseling or other program interventions.
Background / Quality
High reliability and adequate validity.
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