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Aggression Scale Popular

Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
Orpinas P, Frankowski R. The aggression scale: a self report measure of aggressive behavior for young adolscents. Journal of Early Adolescence, 2001: 21(1): 51-68
Scoring / Benchmarking
Respondents are presented with a series of behaviors, and are asked to mark with a circle the number of times they did that behavior during the last 7 days (range is 0 to 6+ times).

This scale is scored by adding all responses. Possible range is between 0 and 66 points. Each point represents one aggressive behavior the student reported engaging in during the week prior to the survey. If four or more items are missing, the score cannot be computed. If three or less items are missing, these values are replaced by the respondent's average
Background / Quality
Psychometric information: Provided for Full Scales.
The range of Test-Retest Value: Not assessed
The range of Inter-rater reliability: Not assessed
The range of Internal consistency: 0.87 to 0.88

Criterion validity data has not been presented or published in study.

Related studies:

Orpinas, P., & Frankowski, R. (2001). The Aggression Scale: A self-report measure of aggressive behavior for young adolescents. Journal of Early Adolescence, 21 (1), 50-67.

Orpinas, P., Parcel, G. S., McAlister, A., & Frankowski, R. (1995). Violence prevention in middle schools: A pilot evaluation. Journal of Adolescent Health, 17 (6), 360-371.

Mancini, Tiziana, Fruggeri, Laura, Panari, Chiara. (2006). An Extension of the School Moral Atmosphere Construct, and its Association with Aggressive Behaviours in Secondary School. European Journal of Psychology of Education. Issue: Volume XXI, Number 2: 209-228.
Is there a cost associated with this tool?

The Aggression Scale measures the frequency of self-reported overt aggressive behaviors that may result in physical or psychological injury to other students, for example, pushing, name-calling, hitting, and/or threatening.

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