Job Search Readiness Checklist

This checklist will allow you to assess whether or not participants are ready/prepared to begin their job search.


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This tool was adapted from job search readiness checklists used by several practitioners participating in the Public/Private Ventures’ Benchmarking Project, including The Cara Program (, The HOPE Program (, and Jewish Vocational Services in Boston (
Scoring / Benchmarking
The bolded and italicized statements are sample “must have’s”: those qualities, abilities or characteristics that a program applicant must have to be eligible for the program and most likely meet some requirements of a targeted industry. These are used for sample purposes only; as requirements and selectivity will vary from program to program, these should be adapted as needed.

Ideally, participants would be able to check off everything on this list before going on their job search. Staff can use it as a developmental tool to track participant progress as they move through the program.
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